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Color me platinum: How you can rock the hair dye

The latest version of Met Gala noticed the likes of TV character Kim Kardashian and American YouTuber Emma Chamberlain donning platinum colored hair, making it the speak of the city. The previous underwent a 14-hour hair transformation as a nod to the long-lasting Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. Piqued to attempt the color, which provides numerous drama to your look? Earlier than you make the leap, right here’s what you could know:

1. When you have every other color in your hair, it must be eliminated first to attain the platinum blonde look.

2. Bleaching your hair is a should. It’d even take a number of rounds in case your hair is darker in tone.

3. There are totally different variations of the dye, corresponding to icy-bluish or ivory-white. Select what enhances you one of the best.

4. In case your hair is already broken, you’ll have to trim off the broken portion first to start the method.

Taking good care of platinum hair

The bleaching and the colouring course of can rip away protein out of your hair’s cuticles, leaving it dry and boring. Therefore, additional care is important as soon as the hair is dyed. “Ensure to make use of a sulfate-free shampoo that’s light, adopted by a conditioner that may tightly shut the cuticle. Common trim each 5 to 6 weeks is important as your hair will now be inclined to separate ends. Keep away from extreme utilization of heating instruments,” suggests hair stylist Rod Anker.

How you can restore the injury

Dermatologist Kiran Lohia says, “Although it seems to be cool, it could actually truly trigger much more breakage and traumatise the hair if not finished correctly. After placing this color, if you wish to bounce again to the unique color and high quality, keep away from hair colouring, highlighting and keratin remedy for at the least three to 6 months. You need to go for coconut hair oiling two to a few occasions per week. Pre-conditioning masks and hair masks with avocado and eggs are nice.”

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