Remedies for burning sensation in the soles of the feet

Many times we are troubled by the burning sensation in the soles of the feet, this problem bothers us more in summer. For this problem, we do not think it appropriate to go to the doctor and become lazy. We can overcome this problem through home remedies. Let us tell you the home remedies for burning sensation in the soles of the feet and the main causes of burning sensation.

Causes of burning sensation in the soles of the feet-

  • reduced blood flow to the leg
  • getting older
  • Diabetes is also a reason
  • kidney problems
  • vitamin deficiency
  • binge drinking
  • side effects of a medicine
  • blood pressure

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Easy home remedies to get rid of burning sensation in the soles of the feet.

Large Fennel

Fennel gives coolness to the body, it is very useful to remove the burning sensation of hands and feet. Grind large fennel, dried coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity, now take 1-1 teaspoon with water after eating both times, you will get relief by eating continuously for a few days.


Ginger also reduces burning sensation in hands and feet. It increases the flow of blood in the body, by eating a piece of ginger daily, the blood will flow properly in the body, due to which the burning sensation and pain of the feet will go away.

Apart from this, mix a little ginger juice in coconut or olive oil and make it lukewarm, now massage your feet and hands for 10 minutes, doing this daily will give relief.

Eat foods rich in vitamins

Deficiency of Vitamin B3 causes burning sensation in the hands and feet, so it is necessary to consume foods containing this vitamin. For this, you should take beans, egg yolk, milk, fish, chicken, peanuts, peas, mushrooms.

Walk on green grass

There is no better treatment than natural therapy. Walk on the green grass without slippers, it improves blood circulation in the feet.

Currently, banking soda is being used a lot because people are washing vegetables with it, so the use, benefits and disadvantages of baking soda must be known.


Massaging is the most efficient way to increase blood circulation, massage the feet with coconut or olive oil for some time, by doing this daily, you will get rid of the burning sensation.

Gourd grate

Bottle gourd gives coolness, for this, cut bottle gourd and rub it on your feet for some time, apart from this, take out its pulp and apply it. The heat of the whole body is felt more in the feet. Bottle gourd gives coolness to the feet.


Coriander is also of cold nature, its use gives coolness in feet and hands. Make powder by mixing sugar candy and coriander, now eat 1-2 spoons of it daily. Will get relief in a few days.


Mehendi gives a lot of coolness, we all know this, every woman, girl likes to apply it on her hands. But this is also a home remedy which ends burning sensation in hands and feet. Make a paste by mixing henna powder with lemon juice and vinegar, now apply it on the soles of the feet for some time and then wash it.

Similarly, you can apply it on your hand as well. By doing this for a few days, the burning sensation will end, as well as the pain in the feet will also disappear.

Rapeseed oil

Mustard or mustard oil is best for massage. It is also beneficial to do fomentation with it, it is also a pain reliever along with burning sensation. For this, add 3-4 spoons of oil in half a bucket of lukewarm water and keep soaking your feet in it for 5 minutes.

Now rub the feet with foot filer so that all the dirt of the feet will be removed. Now wash your feet with cold water. By doing this the pain will also reduce.


Butter is easily available in everyone’s house, which you can use whenever you want. Mix a few grains of sugar candy in 1-2 spoons of butter, now mix it well, so that the sugar candy dissolves. Now apply it on feet and hands and wash it after some time, you will understand the difference by doing it daily.

Burning sensation in hands and feet is a common problem, which we can easily cure at home without any medicine. You should adopt the above methods and which method you liked better, which made more difference to you, do tell us. Apart from this, if you know any other way to calm the burning sensation of the feet, then do share withfeet.


what is burning feet?

There is a strange sensation in the feet, due to which there is a lot of restlessness in the feet, it is called burning of the feet, due to which the soles of the feet also become hot.

why do feet burn?

Due to extreme tiredness or due to very high temperature, there is a burning sensation in the feet, but there can be a big reason behind it, so never ignore it.

In which season do feet burn the most?

in summer

What to do if there is a burning sensation in the feet?

If there is a burning sensation in the feet, then it is considered correct to do home remedies first, but before eating, drinking or applying anything, do talk to a knowledgeable person. Any kind of disease should not be small or come as a sign of big problems in the future, so follow the above mentioned measures, but definitely consult some doctor or doctor.

What kind of remedy would be most suitable for burning feet?

If you take the remedy after consulting an Ayurvedic or Homeopathic consultant, then it will be most suitable because both these methods do not have side effects.

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