“If caught making tandoori roti, a fine of 5 lakh will be imposed.”

Ban on Tandoori Roti: The administration has imposed a ban and a fine of 500,000 for making tandoori roti. It may sound surprising to hear that there could be a ban on tandoori roti, but in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, notices have been issued to several restaurant operators in this regard. Now, after hearing the name of tandoori roti, who wouldn’t salivate, but everyone is quite upset after this news. Meanwhile, restaurant owners are also unable to digest this decision. Let’s find out the reasons for this decision.

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The decision was taken to curb pollution.

The administration made this decision with regard to the environment. In fact, wood and charcoal are used in Tandoor, which causes pollution. To prevent this, it was decided that Tandoor should be made on electric or LPG instead of wood or charcoal. About 50 hotel owners have been issued notices on this matter by the Food Security Department.

Hotel owners expressed their displeasure.

Hotel owners say that this decision could cause them financial losses. However, it has been warned that those who violate this rule may face penalties of up to 500,000 rupees.

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