How to make Resume. What is Resume.

Getting a job in today’s competitive time has become a very difficult task and in such a situation, if you want to apply for any job, then first of all you have to make your resume and a good resume will go a long way in getting the job is helpful. After reading your resume, the interviewer can get a good idea about you and find out that you are looking for a job for yourself from the free category and with which work experience.

To get a job in a private company to a multi-national company, the candidate needs a resume. Today, in this article, we will tell you in detail about what is a resume, how to make it, what is the difference between resume and resume. So read this article completely so that you can make your resume good.

What is Resume

There is such an important text in the video, in which you have entered your education, work experience, qualification, achievements and personal information. We can call this short description a resume. We give this resume to the hiring manager of that company. He looks at ovur resume and if he likes our resume then he shortlists us for the interview.

Resumes used to be of one or two pages earlier, but according to the need, the resume of only one page is in vogue. You can change your resume according to the job profile.

According to the vacancy in a company, you can put information in your resume. Simply put, resume is the first step that leads us to the interview. That’s why always make such a resume in which your full information is well displayed, so that recruiters like your resume and call you for interview.

What is the objective of the resume

Resume is a system to save time and money of the company and the candidate. Whenever a vacancy comes out in a company, its notification tells in detail about the job profile, salary and what should be the qualification for the job. Resume is demanded from the first applicant.

What is Resume. How to make Resume.

On the basis of resume, the hiring manager decides whether the candidate is suitable for the job profile or not. If the hiring manager feels that he is not suitable for the job, then he does not select his resume. If without a resume someone goes for a job in a company and later the candidate comes to know that this job profile is not suitable for him.

If it is not there or if it is not suitable in this job profile, then the time of both the company and the candidate is wasted. At the same time, to save time and money, the resume is demanded before the interview.

Types of Resume-

There are mainly 4 types of resumes which are useful, which are explained below in full detail.

Qualification and work related resume –

If the candidate has any skill and the candidate wants the hiring manager to know about his skills first. Skills are written first, in this type of resume. If there is any contribution of candidate skills in the vacancy, then the manager first selects the person with such resume. This resume is very beneficial for freshers.

Chronological Resume –

In this, Experience people who have already worked in a company make such a resume, in this type of resume, professional history is shown first. In this, the candidate has to tell about the company in which he was working or is working earlier. And there he also writes in short about the achievements he has got. This type of resume used for experience people.

Combination Resume –

This type of resume is made by those people who are experts in both skills and experience. Those people who are experts in any one skill and they also have a lot of work experience. In this situation, the manager calls such people very quickly for the interview.

Targeted Resume –

When we want to go to work in a targeted company in a field, at that time we make a targeted resume. In this, according to the need of the company, tell your skills, your experience and qualification. Keeping one thing in mind that what we are including in it should be completely true. Such resumes are called targeted resumes.

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Things to keep in mind before making resume

To make a resume, we should take care of many things, because a resume is the only thing that takes us to an interview in a company. That’s why our one mistake can make our resume useless. That’s why we should always take care of these things –

  • Resume should always be of one or two pages, if possible, make a single page resume.
  • There should be a brief description of your skills, qualifications and work experience in the resume. If possible, highlight all the important keywords.
  • While making a resume, we should not make spelling mistakes in it.
  • From time to time, you must keep updating your work experience and all kinds of experience associated with the company in your resume.
  • Do not give any kind of wrong information in the resume, write what is true and write in short.
  • Address, age, religion, caste, married status, date of birth and father’s name etc. should not be written in the resume.
  • Some people write information related to awards, skills, publications and grants in the resume, while it is not necessary for all companies. If the job is related to the profile, then write this, otherwise do not include it in your resume.
  • Write your correct information in short and write in such a way that the hiring manager can understand it in a second.
  • Keep in mind the font size, write text in the size of 12 to 14.

What information should be given in the resume

The resume is very short but preserves your complete information, so only necessary information should be included in it. You can write these things in your resume like –

  • contact information
  • career objectives
  • work experience
  • Qualification
  • additional courses

Difference Between CV and Resume

Some people consider CV and resume to be the same, such people often make mistakes where they give CV where resume is to be given. This is the reason that they never get interview calls.

If you have understood the resume properly, then you must also understand the CV. CV is called Curriculum Vitae, it is a Latin language word, its Hindi meaning is ‘essence of life’. That is, in CV you have to tell clearly about yourself, it is of 3 to 4 pages.

When the hiring manager takes you for interview Calls then asks you to bring the CV. In CV you have to give explanation which you had written in short in your resume, here you have to write in clear words. Through this, the interviewer asks you questions.

Difference Between Resume and Biodata

Resume is also called Biodata. But very few people know the difference between resume and resume. For your information, here we are going to tell the difference between resume and resume. Resume helps us to get a job in the company, while resume contains all our information. Biodata is often used for matrimonial purposes.

Here we are going to tell you the difference between Resume and Biodata according to this table –

  • Resume is a French word which means ‘summary’. Whereas biodata means biographical data.
  • The resume is of one or two pages, while the resume can be very long and full of information.
  • In the resume, we share our qualifications, skills, education and work experience. Whereas our personal information like date of birth, caste, religion, clan, citizenship and place etc. is there in the bio-data.
  • Resume is used for job interview etc. Whereas biodata is used for marriage and personal functions. That is, biodata is used on matrimonial sites.
  • Resume is used for private, multinational companies and other non profit interviews. Whereas in government job interview, bio-data is demanded.
  • Only important information is given in the resume. While all the information is shared in the resume.
  • There is only E-mail or website in the name of the address in the resume. Whereas your complete address is there in the bio-data.
  • Resume can be changed according to job profile. Curriculum vitae cannot be changed as it is same for all. Because it is often used for marriage.
  • Hope you have liked this information of ours, you must have understood the difference between resume and resume.

In this article, we have written about what is resume, what should be written in resume, what precautions should be taken while making resume and why it is needed. Not only this, the difference between resume, CV and bio-data has also been clarified. If you have any question related to resume, you can write here in the comment box. If you like this article of ours, then definitely share with your friends. Share so that he can make a good resume.

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