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Explainer: Everything you need to know about Swine flu

Maharashtra has been witnessing a spike in Swine flu instances of late. In accordance with the info from the state well being division, practically 3,000 instances of H1N1 flu and 147 deaths have been reported until the top of August — the very best surge in Swine flu instances within the final three years, within the state.

First detected within the US in April 2009, the virus was a hybrid of swine, avian and human strains. Medically, this illness is known as Influenza A or H1N1 flu. It unfold by way of the world inside six months and has been infecting folks since then.

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Dr Maharshi Desai, Head, Normal Drugs Division, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad says, “it isn’t simple to distinguish between a traditional seasonal flu and H1N1 they usually can look just like the frequent chilly.” Nonetheless, One strategy to differentiate between the 2 can be the temperature of the fever(>38 * C). Extreme exhaustion, weak point, bodyache and headache are extra frequent is Swine flu whereas sneezing, sore throat and stuffy nostril is extra frequent in frequent chilly.


Individuals who suspect that they’re contaminated with Swine flu ought to quarantine themselves indoors and keep away from coming involved with folks because the virus spreads the identical method that seasonal flu (chilly) spreads — by way of air. Flu viruses are unfold primarily by aerosols that contaminated folks produce once they cough, sneeze or discuss. These droplets can land within the mouths or noses of people who find themselves close by and are then inhaled into the lungs, making a transmission chain of the virus.

Dr Sunil Jain, head of division, Medical Emergency Providers, Jaslok Hospital and Analysis Centre, Mumbai advises folks to quarantine as it will probably cease the unfold of the virus. He says, “We propose quarantining for 5 to seven days. After that, the virus is usually lifeless.”


There is no such thing as a particular therapy for Swine flu and it isn’t required both except in case of extraordinarily extreme situations. Normally, your physician can inform when you have the flu by your historical past and signs. Dr Anita Mathew, Infectious Illness Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai says, “This virus can generally show to be deadly for particular populations just like the aged, asthmatics or those that are immunocompromised.”

A H1N1 vaccine already exists and is the simplest strategy to cut back the possibility of getting contaminated. Dr Maharshi Desai, head, Normal Drugs Division, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad says, “Individuals who get this vaccine have a decrease likelihood of sickness and loss of life in comparison with people who find themselves not vaccinated. As a result of the influenza virus mutates barely from yr to yr, you want a brand new vaccine dose yearly, earlier than every flu season.” Youngsters, aged, sufferers with lung issues, continual ailments similar to diabetes, kidney illness, folks contaminated with HIV an infection and pregnant girls will profit probably the most from getting the booster dose.

Jain provides, “There are just a few instances the place folks have reported of uncomfortable side effects, however just like the Covid-19 vaccines, taking this vaccine is required, as it would restrict the unfold and the severity of the an infection, should you get affected.”

Swine flu signs to maintain an eye fixed out for:



Sore throat


Weak point

Physique aches



Nausea and vomiting

Shortness of breath


Beneficial meals to eat:

Vitamin C wealthy meals: lemon, oranges, kiwis, spinach, broccoli

Vitamin D wealthy meals: fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, purple meat

Leafy inexperienced greens

Meals excessive in protein

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