6 Best ways to grow instagram followers organically

If you want to be a social media influencer and you want to grow instagram followers organically, then this article for you.

Now a days social media is a very powerfull tool, if we take it’s in right way. Instagram is a short video and photo sharing social media network.
No matter you have how much followers, if you read this article you can grow you instagram followers organically.

How to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Instagram is the one of the most social media platform in the world with the 1 billion daily active user.
So if you want grow instagram followers organically you want to identify your gole. you need to figure out which goals you want to focus on, Before you begin.
Because this platform is one of the best places to communicate your brand visually. Now a days, people not only use Instagram for connect with their friends but also to connect with their favorite brands and shop online.
You can definitely grow instagram followers organically after reading this article but  you do need patience and consistency because it does take some time.

Instagram statistics

  • Instagram generated revenue of about $47.6 billion in 2021, which was about 50% of Facebook’s total revenue.
  • Instagram is used by more than 2 billion people a month, making it the 4th largest social media app in the world.
  • Instagram’s largest market is India with over 300 million active users.
  • Nearly 70% of users on Instagram are under 35 year old.

Instagram overview 

Launch date6 October 2010
HQMenlo Park, California
PeopleAdam Mosseri (CEO), Kevin Systrom (co-founder), Mike Krieger (co-founder)
Business typeSubsidiary
IndustrySocial media

If your gole is clear then follow these step given below.

1. Optimise Your account

Before you figuring out to get more followers on instagram, you must have to optimise your instagram account. Because first impression is last impression.

Grow instagram followers organically

When some people come to your Instagram account, then your account should be well optimized.

It would be great if your Instagram profile picture should match your category. You have to provide a proper username and bio about your account.
Because instagram your bio and image help form the foundations of your brand identity. Keep your username as search-friendly as possible.

Crack the Instagram algorithm

Sometime brands take easy way when they trying to increase followers. They pay for increase follower and likes to sites are everywhere, but these shortcuts are never worth it.
as the Instagram algorithmregularly gets updated to low quality accounts and interactions.

Optimise visual content

While posting your post, keep in mind that the post is well optimized.Always post original content because Instagram promotes more original content.
Give special attention to the color combination while making your post.

Schedule Your Posts

This is the key point of the growth of your instagram followers. When you upload the post at the same time, then the engagement on the post is good at that time, so you should try to maintain regularity and post daily.
You see at what time your followers are more active and uploading the post at what time brings more likes and engagement. And you try to upload the post only when your followers are more active.

2. Create Engaging Content

There are many accounts on Instagram, so if you want to increase your followers, then you have to put good content that people like. Put only lowly related posts on your Instagram. This is a very good way to grow instagram followers organically.

3. Keep Your Followers Engaged

Grow instagram followers organically

When your account is new and followers are less, then you should try to make more engagement than them. When you connect with people, their attachment grows with you.
So that your post gets a boost.
There are many ways by which you can strengthen your attachment with the followers.
You must reply to their message because it will build your trust. also you can reply to their comments.
There are many other ways to increase engagement with followers, some of which are given below.

Instagram Stories

Insta is a short video and image sharing platform. You can communicate well with people everyday by putting a story in Instagram. When you start story it goes away for 24 hours.
You can give daily updates through story to your followers about your category. You can also promot your post and video through your instagram story. You can tag accounts that are older than you in your story. Which will increase your engagement.

Instagram Live

When you have some followers, it is very important to maintain a connection with them. Because through them your account will grow further. For which you can go live on Instagram, Which will create a good connection between you and your audience.
The advantage of going live on Instagram is that you will also know what kind of content your followers want from you. And you can also give the answer of their questions.


One of the most trusted ways to grow instagram followers organically on Instagram is through hashtags.When you use a hashtag, Instagram knows which category of post you have entered. and angle is your target audience and who needs to see your post.
Use only hashtags related to your category. You can also tag accounts bigger than you.

4. Use Instagram Shoutouts

Many people do not know what is Instagram shoutout, Let’s clear all your doubts through this post.
When you mention someone in your story and say follow their account or visit their website, it is called shoot-out. There are many types of shot-outs, through which you can promote Instagram, YouTube channel or your websites.
You can take a shootout by paying money to an account bigger than you, but keep in mind that the account related to your category will only benefit you.

5. Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

In the initial phase, when your followers are very less, then at that time make a list of your lowly good accounts. And any active user who likes and comments on their account should follow you so that they also get to know about your account.

6.Stop using bots

There are many websites that provide you followers which are bots. Boats are not real followers, they are robotic accounts designed to mimic or simulate human behavior in order to get you comments on your posts, likes on your pictures, and more followers.
This can be easily recognized by active users on Instagram and it has a very bad effect on the Instagram account.

Manufacturing Business Ideas

grow instagram followers organically

1. Optimise Your account

  • Crack the Instagram algorithm
  • Optimise visual content
  • Schedule Your Posts

2. Create Engaging Content

3. Keep Your Followers Engaged

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • Hashtags

4. Use Instagram Shoutouts

5. Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

6.Stop using bots


If you pay attention well then you can do very good earning from Instagram. For this you have to maintain consistency.And you have to follow the above mentioned steps properly.

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