How to search on google from photo?

For any information on Google, we search by writing in it. But do you know that you can search through text or keywords as well as search on google from photo.

Usually the search for the image is on a word you have typed. Most search engines offer this. But what if you have an image and you want to know about it? Or want to find similar photos. This is called reverse image search.

You can use image searching tools to find copies of an image, track down the main image, and find more information. You can use popular options like Google Images and TinEye, and you can even do it from your mobile device.

Here you can search from images that are saved in your computer, or you can also search using the URL of the image.

search on google from photo

First go to, click on the camera icon.

search on google from photo

Here you will get 2 options Paste image URL and Upload an image.

If you want, paste the URL of the image you have seen online inside the Paste image URL, or after selecting Upload an image, upload the image from your computer by clicking on Choose File, or drag & drop an image.

search on google from photo

After this, all the results related to that photo will appear in front of you.

Note: This will not work in Google app or other browser (not even in Safari). This only works in Google Chrome.

google reverse image search on mobile

When you open on mobile, the camera icon will no longer appear in the search bar. For this, you have to open your mobile device in desktop version. Then camera icon will appear and you can search by uploading photo from phone gallery.

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