Zomato’s share price in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 may have good earnings potential

Hello and welcome to our blog. In this post, I will be discussing Zomato, a popular Indian company that is a leading player in the food delivery segment. If you are interested in investing in the company or would like to learn about its future prospects, then this post is for you.

I will provide information on Zomato’s Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030. Zomato has become a household name in India and is known for its food delivery services. It was the first of its kind in the market and has grown into a strong business. However, it’s not as dominant as it used to be. You may even work for the company or use their services.

Before I get into Zomato’s Share Price Target, let me provide you with some details about the company. Zomato is a leading food delivery company in India, and it has a significant presence in other countries as well. With that said, let’s dive into Zomato’s Share Price Target for the upcoming years.

Zomato Company Details

You may already be familiar with Zomato as it has been widely discussed on TV channels and news sites. However, it’s important to also understand its business in order to make an informed decision on whether to invest or not.

Zomato was the first company in its country to venture into the online food delivery business, founded by Deepinder Goyal in 2008. Today, it operates in more than 24 countries, with its headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana.

The company has achieved tremendous growth in a short amount of time and provides a great service where customers can order food from their preferred restaurants or hotels online and have it delivered to their doorstep. Additionally, customers can read reviews and give their own opinions on the restaurant or hotel. It’s worth noting that Zomato is a large market cap company.

Currently, Zomato’s market cap stands at INR 446.06 billion, and what sets it apart is that it has no debt. This means the company will not face significant obstacles in expanding its business.

Let’s now delve into Zomato’s share price targets and long-term prospects.

Zomato Share Price Target 2023

From the perspective of the food delivery business, Zomato appears to be a leading company in India in this sector. Over the past few years, the food delivery market in India has grown rapidly and is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Companies like Zomato working in this sector are benefiting greatly from the increasing demand. Zomato’s platform shows a monthly active user count of around 32.1 million, with new users joining the platform at a very fast rate every year.

It should be noted that currently, Zomato mainly attracts urban customers, and its business is not as widespread in rural areas. However, in the coming years, the company is expected to spend heavily on advertising to attract new customers to its platform, which could result in significant growth in its active user count.

As a result, it is expected that the company will see good returns for its shareholders by 2023. In terms of Zomato’s share price target for 2023, it could reach Rs. 55 as the first target and Rs. 65 as the second target.

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Zomato Share Price Target 2024

As more and more new customers join the company’s platform, Zomato’s business is expected to see good growth by 2024. However, the company’s current financial situation is not stable. But this doesn’t mean the company will be disregarded.

Zomato has continued to increase its sales, which is a very positive decision from a developmental perspective. Zomato directly targets customers who do not want to leave their homes or their areas and prefer to order from home.

The management of the company spends a considerable amount on marketing and advertising to bring about changes in its situation. Not only that, but Zomato is also acquiring various businesses. For example, Zomato acquired Uber Eats in 2021.

This strategy may seem a bit risky, but it can work sometimes and sometimes it may not. Speaking of Zomato Share Price Target 2024 in Hindi, the first target for 2024 is expected to be Rs. 75 and the second target is Rs. 90.

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Zomato Share Price Target 2025

Friends, any company can only grow its business when its management is positive. Talking about Zomato’s management, it is also running its business in a very positive way. Experts, along with common investors, also have high hopes from the company.

It should be noted that the company has not yet given any dividends from its listings. Not giving dividends is not a bad thing. Zomato spends all of its profits on expanding its business rather than spending them on dividends, which is a very good thing.

Similarly, it has not issued any bonus yet. If we talk about Zomato’s peer companies, then companies like Just Dial, Matrimony.com, and One 94 Comm are appearing in it. Friends, Zomato is continuously increasing its sales, but it is not able to grow its profit significantly. This is also a reason why the company is not able to grow well.

If we talk about Zomato’s share price target for 2025 in Hindi, then there is a possibility of its first target being Rs. 105 and the second target being Rs. 130.

Zomato Share Price Target 2026

The company’s management is putting in a lot of effort to strengthen its network and expand its business in the international market in the coming years. They are also working on plans to expand their business in various new countries.

If everything goes according to plan, Zomato could be successful in expanding its business in the new international market. Hopefully, Zomato can benefit greatly from the international market. However, there are already many companies in the international market that provide services similar to Zomato’s. So, the company will have to work hard to stand out.

Looking at its shareholding pattern, Zomato’s holdings consist of 56.74% Fll, 35.83% Public, and 7.43% Dll, with 0% holdings in the hands of promoters. Becoming a profitable company is the biggest challenge for any company.

If Zomato earns good profits in the future, then investors can expect good future targets in this share. If we talk about Zomato’s share price target for 2026, it could be seen up to Rs 145 for the first target and Rs 160 for the second target.

Zomato Share Price Target 2030

Now let’s talk about Zomato Share Price Target 2030 in Hindi. Currently, Zomato is competing well with other players in its sector. It is one of the largest companies in its field in India, which gives investors high hopes.

Not only that, Zomato also operates in India’s largest hyperlocal delivery network. For the past five years, Zomato has consistently gained market share in terms of Gross Order Value. If the company becomes profitable in the coming days, investors can expect a significant return on their investment.

There is a high possibility of tremendous growth after profitability. However, if this does not happen, investors could face significant losses. Now it remains to be seen what the future holds for the company. It is possible to expect good returns from the company in 2030.

Looking at Zomato Share Price Target 2030 in Hindi, the first target is expected to be Rs. 400, and the second target is expected to be up to Rs. 500. The stock price could go higher or lower, depending on Zomato’s performance.

Zomato Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 List

YearTarget 1Target 2

What is the level of risk in investing in Zomato?

Although the company may be a leading player in its sector in India, there is still a significant amount of risk involved. The biggest risk in Zomato’s business is that the company has been operating at a loss for a long time and continues to do so. If the company continues to incur losses in the future, it could negatively impact the share price.

As we previously mentioned, Zomato’s sales are increasing, but the company is not able to increase its profits. If this trend continues, it could further impact the company’s share price negatively.

Another significant risk is the intense competition in the food delivery market, with Zomato’s main competitor, Swiggy, continuously expanding its market share and implementing new strategies. The concern is that if more new competitors enter the market, Zomato could face the risk of losing its market share.

The future outlook for the sector is positive, but the entry of more new competitors like Swiggy could pose a threat to Zomato’s market share.

What is the future of Zomato?

The future of Zomato looks promising as the company is debt-free. When a company is debt-free, investors have more confidence in it. Zomato is constantly striving to offer better services to its customers to maintain its leading position in the food delivery business. The company regularly updates its platform with better technology to achieve this goal.

It is likely that the company will reap the benefits of these efforts in the future. In addition, Zomato is focusing on increasing its growth by keeping an eye on the future of its business. If the company can establish a strong foothold in new business segments in the coming years, it will undoubtedly reap the benefits in the future.

DISCLAIMER: Friends, please note that we are not financial advisors. Therefore, before investing in Zomato, please think carefully and invest only within your risk tolerance.


Does Zomato have any debt?

No, Zomato is a debt-free company.

Would it be a good decision to invest in Zomato?

Zomato has established itself as a dominant player in the food delivery market. If the company continues to capitalize on its position and increase its profits, it may lead to a rise in its share price. While the company may offer returns, it is important to not have unrealistic expectations for high returns. Therefore, investing in Zomato is an option, but there are also other companies to consider.

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